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The Journey (It’s OK To Go To Art School)

Featuring artists from the West Coast Chapter of the University of the Arts London Alumni Association with special guest Julian Lennon.

Curated by Melissa Watson Coetzee
BA: Communications Curation & Criticism of Art & Design Central Saint Martins 2008.

My first step into the work of exhibition design was being selected as the first student to curate the annual UAL exhibition Xhibit in 2008. I have continued that practice as the President of the West Coast Chapter Alumni Association for the University of the Arts London.

 The Journey focuses on the evolution of an artist personally and professionally as they grow from  student to  practicing professional. In a way, as  artists we are always learning, growing and evolving; taking the same concepts and examining them with older more seasoned eyes. Some of the artists found a natural progression in their work beginning as painters, moving into photography,  and advancing onto video. Through this growth they have adapted their foundational skills and  now work as full time artists. Others have continued to elaborate on their student practice and have found personal as well as professional fulfillment. These artists continue to demonstrate the value and the longevity that a foundation in an arts education provides.

Cicely G Scarf

Cicely Gilman
1) Bird Dress (1979)
Medium: Hand printed silk dress.
Size: Small
2) Layers of Mother Earth (2012)
Medium: Hanging. Hand painted silk, with free range embroidery, mixed textile media, cotton backing.
Size: 72″X 28″

Keanan Duffty 2006

Keanan Duffty
1) women’s Parka hand made from vintage army blankets and screen printed Union Flags with images of the Queen (of England)
2) silk printed scarf  (1986)


Maya Stewart
1) Duffle Bag
2) Purse


Gillian Ware
1)  Painted Eucalyptus  (2012)  Digital Photograph
Size: 28.5 inches x 38 inches
2) Chelsea Triptych   (1958/60)  BW Photographs

 Güler_Meral_ Sorrows of Skopos_#1_2013

Meral Güler
1)Dolmuş –Strait #1 and #2, (1989)
4×5 Gelatin Silver Prints.
2) Sorrows of Skopos #1 and #2, (2013)
4X5  Gelatin Silver Prints.

 Noske_Miriam_Untitled (billboard series, London)_1996_detail
Miriam Nöske
1) Untitled (billboard series, London)
Silkscreen print on photocopy
33 x 24” each
2) Untitled (billboard series, Los Angeles)
Silkscreen print on photocopy
20 x 30” each

Paul McCartney


1) Paul McCartney Portrait (2010) 40″ X 60″
2) Resurrection Series 01-1 44″ X 60″

Vaughan 03

Philip Vaughan
1) Hayward Tower night, 48ft x 10ft x 10ft (1972) Steel tubing, neon, transformers, custom-built dimming programmer, weather sensors.
2) Symmetry Neon,5ft x 3′-6″ x 12″ (2007) Cintra, neon, electronics

4 Fakkeldij_Pim_Nonformation posters_2002

Pim Fakkeldij
1) Nonformation posters project.
Medium: mixed – spraypaint, paint, collage, photography, digital.
Size: 24 x 36 in.
2) Handouts for my courses.
Medium: digital.
Size: 24 x 36 in.

Rachel_Finkelstein_Herstory Four Generations Female X Chromosomal Inheritance Lineage_2012

 Rachel Finkelstein
1)Herstory/Four Generations Female X-Chromosomal Inheritance Lineage
Medium: Mixmedia
2) סבתא גילה Savta(Grandmother in Hebrew) Gila
Medium: Mixmedia

Robb Hart
1) “Born too Late” 16×20 (1979)
2) “Honda_HW5 Video (2012)


Saskia Wilson-Brown

1) Girfight, 2002
MA Fine Arts Central Saint Martins
Lambda Print
30″ x 22″

2) Jockey Silks, 2012
by Mr. and Mrs. Hahn (Saskia Wilson-Brown and Micah Hahn)
Watercolor on wood panel
dimensions var.


Vladimir Zimakov
1)Page Spread from Nikolai Gogol’s “The Diary of a Madman”
linocut, letterpress
12 x 15 inches
2) Adgar Allan Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum”
Linocut, letterpress, silkscreen
20 x 14 inches

David Bowie's Teeth

 Angela Stimson
1) Imperfect Shadows, video (1986)
2) David Bowie’s Teeth, video (2013)


Sarana Mehra
1) Crucible, video (2002)
2) Echo, video (2012)

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