Gillian Ware

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April 24, 2013 by thejourneyual

Gillian Ware
Chelsea College of Art and Design
Chelsea Triptych, 1958/60
Painted Eucalyptus, 2012

Bio: Gillian was born shortly before the start of WWII.  Her parents were painters and pacifists.  They took the unpopular path of working the land instead of fighting in the war.   Gillian developed a keen understanding of color through the nature and landscapes she was immersed in as a child.  When Gillian started at Chelsea School of Art in 1957, she painted from a palette her eyes had been trained to see.  To her surprise Gillian’s time was spent defending this shocking new style.  However when Sir Lawrence Gowing became Principal a year later, the school was revitalized and embraced Gillian’s use of color. Throughout her life Gillian has operated in many roles and mediums: running a successful model-making company in London, Painter, Etcher, Filmmaker, Tree-Activist and Photographer. Gillian’s life and artistic process continues to be inextricably tied to nature.  She exhibits regularly with LACDA where she is a Member Artist.

Statement: One beautiful holiday in Dorset was spent studying Latin for University while the rest of my family enjoyed their time painting.  I realized then all I wanted to do was to be outside and paint myself.  I applied to Chelsea instead. Fifties’ England was an austere time, even student’s paintings were monochrome.  My visual love of the countryside had been magnified by my move to London.  In the photo of me painting, naturally I’m working on a landscape filled with vivid color.  My unusual use of color was often a point of contention for my Lecturers at Chelsea.   Nowadays I use the camera to create painterly images so it seemed perfect to exhibit photographs of me painting along with fellow painters.  I continue to be inspired by nature.  I spend a lot of time campaigning to save trees in Los Angeles and hope to share their beauty through my photographs.

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