Bruce Reynolds

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April 24, 2013 by thejourneyual

Bruce Reynolds is the International Director of multi-platform communications agency Sister and has worked with numerous retail, fashion and global brands that include Mercedes Benz, ebay, and Nike.

He’s also appeared on British and American national network and cable outlets BBC, ITV, ABC, E! and PBS among others, and in shows BBC Breakfast, BBC World Business Report, Hollywood Uncensored, Worlds Most Glamours and On The Red Carpet (OTRC).

Bruce is a huge supporter of the arts and humanitarian efforts. Bruce wrote, directed and produced documentary Equation of Change, narrated by Sir Richard Branson and Joanne Griffith. He’s also a Patron of Cinemagic, mentor with Women in Film (WIF) and University of the Arts West Coast chapter committee member.

Bruce has an MBA in international business, an MA in TV Journalism and a BA in Business, Finance and Marketing. Prior to all of these he studied at the prestigious London College of Fashion where he completed a Btec in Business of Fashion

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