Angela Stimson

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April 24, 2013 by thejourneyual

Angela Stimson
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Imperfect Shadows,1986
David Bowie’s Teeth, 2013

Bio: I’d wanted to go to art school for as long as I can remember, however my parents had other ideas and sent me to hairdressing school instead, apparently they figured that was close enough. However I was not to be thwarted, and after 5 years of laboring amongst a sea of blue rinsed elderly ladies, I made my escape and applied to St. Martins as I knew that if I was lucky enough to be accepted to art school it had to be the best there is. At the start of my foundation, I’d intended to study fashion, however I then discovered the wonderful film department and felt I’d come home. I moved to Los Angeles 12 years ago and as well as continuing my own work, I created The Exploding Cinema, a multi media event to give experimental film makers a forum to show their work.

Statement: The only place that felt right at school was the art room. And what luck to have in extremely staid grammar school, my wonderful, mad flamboyant art teacher. The encouragement I received from him that was what set me on my path, he showed me that my need to create art was being authentic as to who I really am. He made me realize that not only was that ok, but being anything less than that was unacceptable. Thank you dear Mr Taylor wherever you are…

Imperfect Shadows: A short experimental film inspired by the concept of how we remember feelings from our past relationships. How selective are we, how much is embellished or forgotten? Do the memories then become reality?

David Bowie’s Teeth: A short film celebrating the very English phenomena of eccentricity.  Challenging the Spectacle in the most outlandish, glamorous and divine way possible.

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