Meral Güler

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April 24, 2013 by thejourneyual

Meral Güler
Chelsea College of Art and Design
Dolmuş – Strait #1 and #2, 1989
Sorrows of Skopos #1 and #2, 2013

Bio: Meral Güler is a British Artist, of Turkish and Irish descent. She received her Master of Fine Arts, from UAL (CHELSEA) and her B.A (Hons) Fine Arts, from Middlesex University, London, UK. A Documentary Filmmaker, she spent several years making documentaries for the British Broadcast and film industries. Her films are held in Art collections in Europe. In 2010, she decided to dedicate herself entirely to her photo-works and has exhibited in both the USA and Europe, including the Motto gallery in Berlin, Black Cloud gallery in Chicago, Riverside Gallery in London and recently at the WUHO Gallery in Los Angeles, She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.

Statement: My postgraduate degree at UAL (Chelsea) was a pivotal experience in my artistic development. I learned from leading art practitioners and thinkers and was able to realize personal ambitions in my work, pushing the boundaries of film and photography to explore ideas of misconception, cultural difference and displacement. Dolmuş (derived from Turkish for “apparently stuffed”) is a still image taken from my 16mm cine film of the same name that explores a personal poetic journey in Istanbul. My current photographic work explores past existence. It’s through my wanderings that I take in the impressions left behind, a fleeting moment, and a temporary fixture in the landscape.  I observe what is real in the existing moment, which offers a narrative of the past.

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