Pim Fakkeldij

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April 24, 2013 by thejourneyual

Pim Fakkeldij 
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Nonformation posters project
Course Handouts
, 2013

Bio: Pim Fakkeldij received a BA in Graphic and Media Design from the London College of Communication [2001] and a MA in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design [2003].Besides working as a graphic designer I advise other businesses on their branding and identity. I hold teaching positions at the Graphic Design Departments at the Art Institute of Los Angeles and the Art Institute Hollywood. Recently I have been involved with writing the curriculum for a start-up Art School in Adelaide, Australia.

Statement: My research at Central Saint Martins revolved around communicating ‘overlooked’ messages by re-packaging them in fresh, new, unusual formats. This project is a series of ‘unformation posters, investigating ownership of public spaces and the audience’s interaction with messages in that public space. The size [A2: 23.4×16.5 in], composition, immediacy of the posters is conventional, but there is no persuasion, selling or manipulation. The content is deliberately muddy, confusing and open-ended, and the audience is encouraged to add their own interpretation to what is being communicated. We would be out all night putting these posters up around the dreary Archway neighborhood. The second poster is a collection of handouts I prepared for my classes. From looking at this poster you would never guess but organizing a solid, interesting class that follows the curriculum but also allows for a student’s individual interpretation of the assignments is a creative undertaking too.

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